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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
8:10 AM

well the question is this is something we always seem to tell people to guide by. But somehow, few can do it. Even myself, at times, i fail.. Indeed, it is true but i guess we should all grow in patience to not just bear with what others do onto us but also listen to what others say that we do unto them. So indeed, it is both ways to change and not one. I wish everyone a belated Christmas and believe that Joy to the world for the prince of peace is Jesus.


Monday, December 10, 2007
4:14 PM

I did a bracelet. Heh. using the beads and a cross. Quite a noisy beads bracelet as i added two bells. I was teasing doraemon lai le.. haha. but yeah, things will be better and things will grow..

Everyone, whatever difficulty you face, remember this, its dark only because its just about to be brightened by the sunrise. God bless everyone.


Sunday, December 09, 2007
1:45 PM

As things passes, it becomes clearer. How my heart will be struck and everything. Even a week ago at a class gathering, when people ask about standard chartered marathon, I was and still am proud to say she ran in 4 hours. This year, she had a better timing. still around 4 hours but faster. The worrying part is the ankle. But as i read her blog post. Actually i was crying, i wanted to run with my sister this year. I really wanted to. Not for any reasons but beacuse she is my sister that i love. I guess I must be free in my words to use love but.. i dun say it to everyone or anyone unless deep down i really feel so.. Perhaps. She was the only one that ever made a impact that said, "hey, you're not alone, I your sister and i'll protect you".. Honestly, i miss her..


Saturday, December 08, 2007
8:08 PM

lots of animation and games were what accompanied through this year.. a lot of hurt.. a lot of hurt a lot of hurt.. and of course there were joys... joys from people i love and care about. in their own roles, i felt joy..

The year is over.. and my journey following ms lai.. the 7 year saga.. has ended. It begings a new stage. a new stage tougher than the past. and demanding than the past.

All i can say is.. i pray that the Lord will watch over everyone.. I pray that the Lord will protect and heal and bless those i love so much.. always.. and always...


Tuesday, July 03, 2007
9:35 PM

heh, i got a new record, my iirst police pullover to check on me was this morning at 4.30am odd. Funny thing is, all the innocent faces of the car makes the policeman blur i guess :P

Well the interesting thing is, i seriously didn't know he was asking me to pull over. Only until he horn me haha. But an irritating policeman though.. cause he tail me for super de long.. make me control speed at 50~60.. then all the other taxis etc all pass by me.. Zzz...

Hm.. And I though my innocent look is sufficient (hohoho) but i guess my "batman specs"(described by flower) made me look like a "badman" instead haha.

I seem to realise it's time i begin working.. time to excell, time to score and time to go wosh! Everyone, people i LlllllOoooooVvvvvvEeeeee so so much, let's go go go jia you! Let's get straight As together, believe and achieve. Gam Bah Teh!


Saturday, June 30, 2007
2:47 AM

I seem to notice rocky balboa is a good movie.. the storyline reaches to me.. all I can say is.. it isn't how much you've been hit that matters.. it's how much you can take and get up.. watch the movie to find out what i mean.. for those who says but i dun have time.. trust me.. this time spent is certainly worth it..


Tuesday, June 26, 2007
5:52 PM

met my psychiatrist yesterday and today my councillor in the afternoon. I can't help but feel heavy.. my mid year results grades are already fixed.. VR all the way.. I wonder.. what makes me.. so weak today.. so lost of confidence.. at first i felt like the drive was coming back after my sis spent so much time, energy and effort to cheer me back up.. bit by bit she did.. bit by bit i told myself i must study though i lost someone i loved dearly as she said she was better and able to recover faster this way... Yet my own fault.. because of a lack of communication.. a communication whereby it was my sister not wanting to make his trouble brother worry.. broke down.. and that.. make me reactions terrible.. I felt unbearable.. I was lost at what was going on... all i knew was... drink.. drink like you are drinking graveyard and the pain should take you away.. and if you read it carefully.. it's pain... not drunk.. For that it was what hurt my sister.. i still remember it clearly.. one bus stop before departing.. she type on the phone.. "you might as well kill me".. till today...i remember those words and the disappointed and hurt look.. I feel remoreseful.. yet.. i seem to not get another chance of forgiveness anymore.. Today.. is a day.. i for 4 times looked forward to.. and for 4 times.. all were shattered.. Once was last year august.. another was december.. later was april.. then next was may... but all four was shattered.. I guess I shall say to the Lord "I praise you in this storm.. O Lord I will praise you as tough times may be.."

My psychiatrist.. he said.. she is right.. you are a glass ball.. though transparent and pure.. yet fragile and weak.. you are very smart.. you have big dreams.. but i tell you.. you won't get it.. until u change ur character.. I want you to be a gang4 tie3 (steel ball)..
My tutor said.. you are so different from the other students i taught.. your simplicity makes others love you.. your purity makes you love others truely.. and most importantly.. at just your age.. you know what you want.. and you want them for the people around you that you love.. Being a doctor isn't really for yourself.. but to save others(family) you choose to take it.. does your other half know? I replied "yes she knows, i did explain why too.. even the part in trying to save flower".. he continues.. you are indeed different.. responsibility and the simplicity of true care and love.. I really wish to help you.. I dun want to see you fail at anything.. I tasted a drop in my results in the first year of university.. I dun wish to see you not get your dreams.. I know this is the biggest turning point in your life time.. Indeed I agree.. And for these people i know.. I shall not disappoint.. for the people I care and love.. I shall save.. for the one that is to stand beside me in front of the pastor.. I shall make her proud.. Today.. is my birthday.. a day of heaviness but a day of a dragon raoring.. a day where the angel shalll fly once more..


fly away


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